The Creation of Character

One of my readers recently asked how I selected the odd habit exhibited by my protagonist, Ruby Sans, in The Blind Switch. "Selected?" I asked, raising my eyebrows, not knowing what she meant. She went on to clarify, "From the range of nervous tics people have, how did you decide on that one?" Her question suggested that there was some menu of attributes, personality traits and character flaws that authors consult in order to design the perfect character. I stared at her blankly. While that may be the character development process for some writers, for me, the cast of characters tend to show up for call time as themselves—fully formed and ready for action. Once they are in scene, that’s when we really get to know their mettle.

We love Ruby Sans because she is awkward and quirky with more than a tinge of redeeming elegance and grace. Her imperfections not only make her relatable, they drive us to know how she will deal with what is hurled at her next.

I'd love to hear from you! Who is your favorite character in The Blind Switch? Join the conversation!


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The Blind Switch Launch Party – A Celebration of a Book and Worthy Causes

To celebrate the release of The Blind Switch, we will be throwing a launch party on May 5th at Tierra Oaks Golf Club in Redding, CA from 1-4pm. This event is open to the public and will provide an opportunity for you to pick up your own personal copy of The Blind Switch and have it autographed!

I am super excited about the launch party for a variety of reasons. In addition to the release of The Blind Switch, we will also be celebrating two organizations in our community that do tremendously important work: Harmony Haven, Therapeutic Riding & Horse Rescue and Foothill High School’s Instrumental Music Department.

Harmony Haven, Therapeutic Riding & Horse Rescue

Harmony Haven Therapeutic Riding & Horse Rescue’s mission is to  “Rescue & rehabilitate horses so they can rescue & rehabilitate the people who need them most.” Harmony Haven “teaches people through horses how to challenge their bodies and minds to help them make their dreams of a happy and healthy life possible for themselves.” This is a cause I believe in. There are many benefits to equine therapy, including the improvement of motor skills, coordination and balance, core strengthening, development and improvement of social skills, as well as positive sensory stimulation. Therapeutic horses are trained to be gentle and patient with people. We can learn so much from them!


Be sure to introduce yourself to our special guest, Miracle, at the The Blind Switch launch party. This former harness racer was rescued by Harmony Haven and has already captured my heart!

For more information on Harmony Haven:

Foothill High School Instrumental Music Department

With so many schools cutting arts and music programs across the nation, we are fortunate to have so many award-winning band programs in northern California, Foothill High being no exception! The Foothill High School Instrumental Music Department has built a strong reputation in the North State, with two award-winning concert bands, two jazz ensembles, a jazz combo, an amazing marching band, an unforgettable drum line, and an accomplished string orchestra.

The FHS Jazz Program has distinguished itself as one of the region’s finest. Both of the jazz ensembles have received Superior Ratings at well-known jazz festivals. The Jazz A Band also performs as the house band in the very popular Club Cougar to sold-out shows year after year.

Oh, and there’s one tiny detail I failed to mention…the band director, Mr. Mitch Bahr, is a California Teacher of the Year. That’s right. Mr. Bahr was chosen by the California Department of Education and State Superintendent, Tom Torlakson, as a 2016 California Teacher of the Year. This is an honor awarded to only five public school teachers every year regardless of grade level or subject area taught! We are truly blessed to have an instructor of this caliber in our school district!

We are pleased to announce that the FHS Jazz Band Combo A will be performing at The Blind Switch launch party! If you have heard this band before, you know they really get the crowd going!

To book the FHS Jazz Combo band at your next event, contact: Mitch Bahr, Band Director at

For more information on FHS’ music program:

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Timing is Everything

Many people have asked me, “Why did you decide to take up writing your book again after twenty-seven years?” The answer to that question is paradoxically complex and simple for me, but really boils down to a matter of timing.

Wearing my “mom” hat, I am now in a place where my children are off pursuing their own dreams, affording me the time and space to focus on filling my own cup, so to speak. My oldest son is in the thick of college life and all that entails, while my youngest maintains an active high school schedule rounded out by extra curricular musical performances at local and distant venues. Our family life has not slowed down by any means; it has just taken a different focus.

The other driving force behind the timing is that I recently passed the half-century mark, and well, mortality has started looking down its nose at me; or so it seems. Within the last year, I have asked myself on several occasions, “If I were to leave this world tomorrow, what would I regret?” Every time the question has tumbled around my brain like the geometric die in the Magic 8 Ball, the answer rising to the surface has always been the same. Always. Not finishing the book I started twenty-seven years ago.

From the age of six, I always identified as a writer, and while I have written a number of works throughout my lifetime, in my heart of hearts I didn’t see myself as a real writer until I had a book under my belt. Of course, not all authors write books. There are many writers of poetry, short stories, screenplays, and a multitude of other valuable works; but for me, it was all about writing at least one book.

Now that The Blind Switch has left the starting gate, I look forward to writing many more books. I hope you look forward to reading them just as much.

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