About Kelley

Kelley Sewell was born and raised in Redding, California. The youngest of four children with almost thirteen years separating her from her oldest sibling, Kelley grew up much like an only child in many respects. Kelley knew by the age of six that she wanted to be an author, and was fortunate to attend elementary schools with teachers who fostered her love of writing.

As a teenager, Kelley always looked for outlets to tell stories. She fondly recalls recording spooky tales on cassette tapes, complete with homemade sound effects of creaky doors and the howls of unearthly creatures. She couldn’t wait to play them on summer campout nights for her twin nephews, who were like little brothers, being closer in age to Kelley than her siblings.

After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in English from UCLA in 1990, Kelley moved to Colorado to write her first novel in 1991, but didn’t get very far. She set aside a few dozen pages that would develop into The Blind Switch twenty-seven years later, to write a children’s story, and take a job as a technical writer.

She set aside a few dozen pages that would develop into The Blind Switch twenty-seven years later.

Shortly thereafter, Kelley moved back to California where she met her husband, Shawn. They were married in 1995 and started their family in 1998 with the birth of their first son, Shawn Jr. Kelley’s career in the healthcare and insurance industry quickly took off. In 2002, she gave birth to their second son, Cameron.

While leading a very fulfilling life as a wife, mother, and businesswoman, Kelley still always longed to pursue her dream of fiction writing. In 2017, with her fiftieth birthday looming on the horizon, Kelley realized she would always live with the regret of not finishing her first book if she didn’t take action. Once she committed herself to reaching this personal milestone, individuals came out of the woodwork to support her endeavor.

Kelley is extremely grateful to her family and friends for all their encouragement and support to make her dream of becoming a published author a reality. Kelley looks forward to writing many more mystery books, and is already plotting the spine tingling sequel to The Blind Switch, with her main character, Ruby Sans, jetting off to Africa to keep a promise to herself, not realizing the commitment has already gotten her way in over her head.