The Creation of Character

One of my readers recently asked how I selected the odd habit exhibited by my protagonist, Ruby Sans, in The Blind Switch. "Selected?" I asked, raising my eyebrows, not knowing what she meant. She went on to clarify, "From the range of nervous tics people have, how did you decide on that one?" Her question suggested that there was some menu of attributes, personality traits and character flaws that authors consult in order to design the perfect character. I stared at her blankly. While that may be the character development process for some writers, for me, the cast of characters tend to show up for call time as themselves—fully formed and ready for action. Once they are in scene, that’s when we really get to know their mettle.

We love Ruby Sans because she is awkward and quirky with more than a tinge of redeeming elegance and grace. Her imperfections not only make her relatable, they drive us to know how she will deal with what is hurled at her next.

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